Book Of The Month…

Book Of The Month..

I have decided to include my favourite pass-time and hobby – reading. Now I usually read between six to eight books a month as I found comfort in reading after I was diagnosed and had to give up all my sport. It was always easy to get emotionally and mentally involved with a character and escaping into their world and forgetting about yours.

I have tried many, many authors and genres of books. Some are a brilliant hit and others are rather stale compared to my favourites. I have a variety of favourites and I am quite protective of my choices and closed off until something is highly recommended by a few of my friends.

Since I plan on studying law after school, this book appealed to me the moment my step dad recommended it. Richard North Patterson has the brilliant gift of developing a character and the scenes in the book, almost to the point that I can smell the polluted waters and picture the darkness of one of the scenes.

Sheer brilliance!

I also enjoy writing and have started writing my own story. I draw inspiration from many authors writing techniques and way of creating things and evoking raw emotion. This author challenges the way we see things and the way we understand law and our blind trust in the officials that form our law enforcement.

The write up for this book is as follows:

“When the body of eleven-year-old Thuy Sen is found in San Francisco Bay,

The police swiftly charge Rennell and Payton Price with her grisly murder.

A twelve-person jury, helped along by an incompetent lawyer for the defense,

are quick to find the brothers guilty – and to sentence them both to die for their crimes.

Twelve years later, Payton is days from his execution, and overworked pro bono lawyer

Teresa Peralta Paget, her husband Chris and stepson Carlo, a recent Harvard law

graduate, become convinced not only that Rennell didn’t receive a fair trial, but that he’s innocent.

Racing against the clock and against insurmountable legal obstacles,

Teresa, Chris and Carlo desperately try and stop the execution of an innocent man.”

The book has 460 pages and I am only half way but i can’t put it down. Luckily I have insomnia so I get to read until four in the morning on most days. I hope to finish the book soon but I also don’t want to say goodbye to my characters.

I will be including more and more on the book but refuse to give out the ending. I highly recommend Richard North Patterson and his books if you enjoy a thrilling and challenging read.

I’m lucky to have found companions in my reading for all my bad days when the arthritis acts up or the days when I’m sick so you will be seeing more and more of posts about books. *excited party dance*

Love to you all beautiful people!



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