“Banting” Works.


The last four months have been a hectic and stressful time, lots of things going on. Work and school and family things and the new furkid which makes me a proud mom of three four-legged babies. I must say I have enjoyed the rush but I have missed writing. I thought it would be a good thing to share how the change in my body from the eating plan has caused a chain reaction in my mind.

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Inspirational Person of The Month…

Inspirational person of the month

As we all know, social media is a wonderful invention. Not only does it widen our views on topics of everything and nothing at the same time, it houses incredible people with incredible stories.
I went onto Twitter one day to be greeted by a notification that I had a new follower to whom I sent a message to thank them for following me. This then started a conversation and I soon discovered that this young man, Michael Poglese, had an incredible story to tell and that is why he is my Inspirational Person of the Month.

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Behind The Blog… featuring Megan from Triumphs & Tears

For those of you who don’t know about Karen from Confetti and Curves yet, she is a talented and lovely young woman with an amazing blog filled with beauty tips and tricks. I love reading her fun and witty posts and I am sure you will too. 😀

Triumphs And Tears

‘Top O’ The Mornin’ my fellow Cosmetic Cravers…

I seem to have developed one of these bizarre dislikes for using brand spanking new beauty goodies for the first time. Sounds weird right? *imagines a sea of confused head nodding* However after such a huuuge beauty blow-out over the weekend, my make-up collection is bunged full of gorgeous new treats that look so darn good in their freshly packaged appearance that it’s surprisingly painful dipping in for the first time! The flinching reaction of disturbing a perfectly new lippy or smudging a fresh eye shadow palette is just crazy. Am alone in this weird little phase or do the rest of y’all prefer jumping straight in to testing out your new purchases? *dramatic eye roll*

However chums, it’s time to get focused on today’s fun-filled post as I have thee stunning Megan Bayne gracing our virtual sofa of sassiness this morning. Megans blog, Triumphs and Tears, is her very…

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